September 13, 2017

The Pet Shop Society by Emlyn Chand

Published Date : December 20, 2015
Publisher : Evolved Publishing
Series : The Pet Shop Society / Books 1-3
Genre : J Fiction / Mystery / Animals
Rating : 4 Star


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This version of The Pet Shop Society has three books in one and tells how The Pet Shop Society got their start along with two other tales. Mike and Maddie are twins of divorced parents, they live with their mother who runs a pet shop. With their two best friends and someone they meet due to a missing dog, all five of them form this club built on friendship and the love of animals!

In the first book, a dog goes missing from the yard of a young girl named Nic and it's up to the five of them to find the dog alongside with finding out something that Nic has been hiding from her parents.

In book two, Maddie thinks a ghost is in her house due to what happens during a Friday night sleepover. With things being more odd in the house, Maddie gets her friends back over on Saturday night and finds who or what is knocking things over. It's a purrect ending for this tale.

In book three, Tyler is left alone in the pet shop with the birds who start acting weird when he is by himself but when Mike gets on the case, the case is solved when they discover sound from a electronic is making them act along with it!

There is a little short tale in the end that has Mike and Maddie going to their dad's house for Christmas. When they hear weird sounds coming from a closet but can't find the source, only Christmas morning will reveal the cause of those sounds!!

I really liked this quick read, it has everything a young child would love to read about. It has animals, a little bit of mystery and friendship, everything that is perfect for a young reader. I can only wish that there will be more books like this in the future, I may be older than the targeted age but I found it to be perfect or in my book purrfect!!

Thank You to Emlyn Chand for writing this series that I can only hope that will make more kids want to read!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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