December 5, 2017

Plague Land by Alex Scarrow

Published Date : December 5, 2017
Publisher : Sourcebooks Fire
Series : ReMade / Book 1
Genre : YA Fiction / Science Fiction / Thriller
Rating : 5 Star


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Plague Land is the story of when a unidentified Plague takes over the world. Leon and his younger sister, Grace have recently moved to London after their parents messy divorce. It's only when a life-ending plague starts in Africia, when everything starts to go wrong in the world. With Leon, Grace and their mother trapped on a train when the Plague hits London, it's a fight to stay alive with unexpected consequences.

As the Plague moves along, killing everything in it's path. It slowly starts transforming itself into something more horrific than before. With the three left to find a shelter before something happens to them, they find the most amazing discovery but it comes with a deadly cost. As the Plague continues to change, everyone left standing will be meet with a shocking ending that ends in fire and what is to come next!

Oh, this review is so hard to write because I so don't want to give away the good parts! I never expected this book to hold my attention the way it did, it got me out of this book slump that I have been in. Yes people, it's that great of a read to do that for someone! While reading this book, you just didn't know what was gonna happen next unlike some other Sci-Fi / Apocalyptic reads. It's one of those books as well that will get you to thinking about what if this really does happen for real, now that's a scary thought! I so can't wait to see what is to come next in this series but I can only imagine that it's gonna be scarily good!

Thank You to Alex Scarrow for writing a book that got me out of a book slump and for making me become a fan of yours from now on!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley & Edelweiss!

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