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A, Angel

Mary Poser

Adams, Lyssa Kay

Hot Zone

Adams, Mark Wayne

Outback Family Tree Series

Brothers & Sinisters / Book 1
Kussins / Book 2

Archer, Kira

69 Million Things I Hate About You

Armstrong, C.H.

Deja You
Deja You Release Day

Barrow, Rebecca

You Don't Know Me But I Know You

Beck, Jamie

Before I Knew


SRC 2017 / May Books
SRC 2017 / June Books
SRC 2017 / July Books
SRC 2017 / August Books

Brandon, Deb

But My Brain Had Other Ideas

Brown, Carolyn

One Texas Cowboy Too Many
The Lullaby Sky
What Happens In Texas

Byrne, Elizabeth

The Grave Keepers

Cab, Nely


Cain, Kelly

Deja You
Deja You Release Day

Callens, Dylan


Childers, Thomas

The Third Reich

Christine, Lilly

Hot Zone

Clayton-Goldner, Susan

When Time Is A River

Cole, Addison

Secrets At Seaside

Cruz, Melissa de la

Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe

Dahl, Linda

The Bad Dream Notebook

Dainty, Suellen

The Housekeeper

Darnton, Nina

Risking It All

Dave, Laura

Hello, Sunshine

Douglas, Emma

Need You Now

Elise, Simone

Chase & Chloe

Engle, Margarita

Forest World

Finkel, Michael

The Stranger In The Woods

Foley, Jessie Ann

Neighborhood Girls

Ford, Jordan

Curveball Release Day

Foster, Melissa

Thrill Of Love

Freeman, Ruth

One Good Thing About America

Galante, Cecilia

The Odds Of You And Me

Gardner, Lisa

Find Her

Garrison, Renee

The Anchor Clankers

Gaynor, Hazel

The Cottingley Secret

Gilroy, Jen

Summer At Firefly Lake

Gleason, Holly

Woman Walk The Line

Glover, Beaird

Blue Bottle Tree

Grant, Vicki

36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

Griffin, Adele

Be True To Me

Gropman, Gabrielle Rossmer & Sonya Gropman

The German-Jewish Cookbook

Gruenenfelder, Kim

Love The Wine You're With

Hadley, RaeAnne

Hot Zone


HarperCollins Celebrates 200!

Harrigan, Haley

Secrets Of Southern Girls

Henson, Heather

The Whole Sky

Hutchinson, Shaun David

Feral Youth

Hughes, Anita

Christmas In London
Emerald Coast

Jenoff, Pam

The Orphan's Tale

Jones, Jadie


Jones, Scottie

Country Grit

Lampman, Peggy

The Welcome Home Diner

Land, Ali

Good Me, Bad Me

Layne, Lyssa

Hot Zone

LeClair, Laurie

The Cowboy's Christmas Bride

Lepucki, Edan

Woman No. 17

Linsmeier, Amanda

Deja You
Deja You Release Day

Livesay, Tracey

Love Will Always Remember

Ludwig, Benjamin

The Original Ginny Moon

Lush, Tamara

Hot Zone

Lyttle, Alex

From Ant To Eagle

McLachlan, Jamie

Deja You
Deja You Release Day

MacGregor, Kino

The Yogi Assignment

MacMillan, Gilly

Odd Child Out

Mabry, Samantha

All The Wind In The World

Malladi, Amulya

The Copenhagen Affair

Mancusi, Mari

Princess, Inc.

Markham, Lauren

The Far Away Brothers

Maschari, Jennifer

Things That Surprise You

Melton, Glennon Doyle

Love Warrior

Montefiore, Santa

The Daughters Of Ireland

Moore, Meg Mitchell

The Captain's Daughter

Nelson, Anne

Suzanne's Children

Ng, Celeste

Little Fires Everywhere

Nolfi, Christine

Sweet Lake

Park, Jessica

180 Seconds

Phoenix, Charles

Addicted To Americana

Piano, Phyllis J.

Love Reconsidered

Place, Dorothy

The Heart To Kill

Pomerantz, Diane

Lost In The Reflecting Pool

Powers, Gleah

Edna And Luna

Prudenti, Jennifer with Janelle Johnson

One Mother's Journey

Quinn, Spencer

The Right Side

Raintree, Jamie

Perfectly Undone

Rickloff, Alix

The Way To London

Riley, Lia

It Happened On Love Street
The Corner Of Forever And Always

Roberts, Charles

Eden's Gates

Rock, Joanne

A Chance This Christmas

Ryan, Kennedy

Lift 4 Autism Auction 2017
Cover Reveal For Still
Release Blitz For Still

Sahle, Harry

Archie Archives : The Double Date And Other Stories

Sanderson, Bill

Bulletins From Dallas

Schwarz, Bianca M.

Deja You
Deja You Release Day

Sheehan, Nikki

Goodnight, Boy

Sosa, Mia

Acting On Impulse

Spelman, Cornelia Maude

Everybody's Somewhere

St. Martin's Press

2017 Holiday Romance Titles

Stewart, Arlene

The Friendship Bracelet

Stewart, Creek

365 Essential Survival Skills

Taylor, Lauren Nicolle

Nora & Kettle

Tilghman, Romalyn

To The Stars Through Difficulties

Tolan, Stpehanie S. & R.J. Tolan

Applewhite's Coast To Coast

Vivat, Booki

Ordinary Mishaps And Inevitable Catastrophes

Watts, Stephanie Powell

No One Is Coming To Save Us

Wolf, Mark J.P.

Video Games FAQ

Yang, Dori Jones

The Forbidden Temptation Of Baseball

Zadunajsky, Donna M.

Twisted Secrets

Zeno, Jay

Z Towers

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