Book Reviews A-Z!!

Abbott, Megan

You Will Know Me

Achterberg, Cara Sue

Girls' Weekend
I'm Not Her

Ahlborn, Ania


Altschul, Patricia

The Art Of Southern Charm

Amman, Gaia B.

The Italian Saga Series

An Italian Adventure / Book 1
Forget Nico, Falling For The Wrong Italian / Book 3

Andrews, Mary Kay

Change Of Scene / Novella To Beach Town
The Weekenders

Andrews, Zelle

Paisley Memories Series

The Beginning Of Me / Book 1

Ankrum, Barbara

Canadays Of Montana Series

A Cowboy To Keep / Book 4

Archer, Kira

Crazy Love Series

Driving Her Crazy / Book 1
Kissing Her Crazy / Book 2
Loving Her Crazy / Book 3

Sweet Love Series

Truly, Madly, Sweetly / Book 1
Totally, Sweetly Irrevocably / Book 2

Armstrong, C.H.

The Edge Of Nowhere
Deja You

Austill-Clausen, Rebecca

Change Maker

Baldwin, Terry Cameron

All The Ghosts Dance Free

Banner, A.J.

The Good Neighbor
The Twilight Wife

Banyas, Stephanie


Barrow, Will

Buster : The Military Dog

Barzini, Chiara

Things That Happened Before The Earthquake

Bathroom Reader's Institute

Do Geese Get Goose Bumps?

Bayer, John

15 Months Of Winter : My Year In North Dakota

Beasley, Kate

Gertie's Leap To Greatness

Beck, Haylen

Here & Gone

Belle, Kimberly

The Marriage Lie

Benson, SF

The Alliance Chronicles Series

Regress / Book 1

Berenstain, Mike

Berenstain Bears Living Light Series

Bedtime Blessings

Bergen, Margaux

Navigating Life

Berk, Sheryl & Carrie

The Cupcake Club Series

Peace, Love & Cupcakes / Book 1
Winner Bakes All / Book 3
Bakers On Board / Book 8

Fashion Academy Series

Runway Ready / Book 2
Fashion Face-Off / Book 5

Blake, Liora

Grand Valley Series

First Step Forward / Book 1
Second Chance Season / Book 2

Blumenthal, Deborah

Hurricane Kiss

Borst, Amie & Bethanie

Scarily Ever Laughter Series

Cinderskella / Book 1
Little Dead Riding Hood / Book 2

Bouchard, Jackie

House Trained

Brashares, Ann

Stand Alone Books

The Whole Thing Together

Brett, Emily


Brock, Dr. Bo

Crowded In The Middle Of Nowhere

Brockington, Drew

CatStronauts Series

Mission Moon / Book 1
Race To Mars / Book 2

Brones, Anna

Hello, Bicycle

Brookins, Cara


Brown, Carolyn

Burnt Boot, Texas Series

One Texas Cowboy Too Many / Book 3

Happy, Texas Series

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas / Book 2

Brown, Jeffrey

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Series

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal / Book 1

Brown, Karma

The Choices We Make

Browning, Kelsey

Prophecy Of Love Series

A Passion To Pursue / Book 2

Bryson, Francine

Country Cooking From A Redneck Kitchen

Buchanan, Laurie

Note To Self

Cabot, Meg

From The Notebooks Of A Middle School Princess Series

Royal Day Out / Book 1.5

Cain, Kelly

Deja You

Cameron, Lindsay


Carlino, Renee

Swear On This Life

Carlson, Melody

The Christmas Joy Ride

Carola, Leslie Conron

The New Irish Table

Cash, Eric Jay

Cave Kiddos Series

A Sunny Day / Book 1

Cash, Michael Phillip aka Michael Okon

The After House
The Hanging Tree
The History Major
Witches Protection Program

Cass, Kiera

Selection Series

The Selection / Book 1
The Elite / Book 2
The One / Book 3
The Heir / Book 4
The Crown / Book 5
Happily Ever After / Novella

Chamberlain, Diane

The First Lie
The Broken String
The Silent Sister
Pretending To Dance
The Dance Begins

Chand, Emlyn

The Pet Shop Society

Clark, Georgia

The Regulars

Clayton, Ed

Martin Luther King

Clifford, Stephanie

Everybody Rise

Cody, Vicki

Army Wife

Condon, Shannon

Magdalena Series

Finding Magdalena / Book 1
The Brotherhood / Book 2

Contino, Kristin

The Legacy Of Us

Cook, Abbey Campbell

The Lucidity Project

Cooking Light

Dinner A.S.A.P

Cox, Michelle

Henrietta & Inspector Howard Series

A Girl Like You / Book 1
A Ring Of Truth / Book 2

DeCarlo, Melissa

The Art Of Crash Landing

DeCesare, Leah

Forks, Knives & Spoons

Devereux, Antelo


DiCamillo, Kate

Tales From Deckawoo Drive Series

Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? / Book 3

Drezen, Anna & Todd Dakotah Briscoe

How May We Hate You

Drozdowich, Barb

Building Blocks Series

The Book Blogger Platform / Book 6

Dugan, Polly

The Sweetheart Deal

Dugard, Jaycee


Dunlap, Andrea

Losing The Light

Dunn, Scarlett

The Langtry Sisters Series

Whispering Pines / Book 1

The McBride Brothers Series

Promises Kept / Book 1
Finding Promise / Book 2
Last Promise / Book 3

Stand Alone Books

Christmas At Dove Creek

Ellison, J.T

Lie To Me

Emmett, Dan with Charles Maynard

I Am A Secret Service Agent

Falkner, Tammy

Reed Brothers Series

Yes, You / Book 16

Fenton, Liz & Lisa Steinke

The Year We Turned Forty

Fielding, Joy

She's Not There

Fillmore, Mary Dingee

An Address In Amsterdam

Flechais, Amelie

The Little Red Wolf

Fleming, Candace

History Pals Series

Ben Franklin's In My Bathroom / Book 1

Flood, Nancy Bo

Soldier Sister, Fly Home

Florence, Melanie

Stolen Words

Fogelberg, Lene

Beautiful Affliction

Food 52

A New Way To Dinner
Ice Cream & Friends

Ford, Jordan

Barlow Sisters Series

Curveball / Book 1
Strike Out / Book 2
Foul Play / Book 3

Big Play Series

The Playmaker / Book 1
The Red Zone / Book 2
The Handoff / Book 3
Shoot The Gap / Book 4

Brotherhood Series

See No Evil / Book 1
Speak No Evil / Book 2
Hear No Evil / Book 3

Fairytale Twist Series

Paper Cranes / Book 1

Forstchen, William R.

After Series

One Second After / Book 1
One Year After / Book 2

Foye, Meghann


Frade, B.A.

Tales From The ScareMaster Series

Werewolf Weekend / Book 1

Fraise, Nathalie

The Whole Coconut Cookbook

Gangi, Stephanie

The Next

Garrity, Peggy

In The Game

Gassman, Julie

Saved By The Boats

Giffin, Emily

First Comes Love

Godwin, C.J.

Mystic Tides Series

Mystic Tides / Book 1

Goldberg, K.K.

The Doctor And The Stork

Grider, J.P.

When Glass Shatters

Grinell, Sheila


Haapala, Krista Hammerbacher

Body 2.0

Hafner, Betty

Not Exactly Love

Hale, Jenny

Summer By The Sea

Hall, Jill G.

The Black Velvet Coat

Harris, Charlaine

Sookie Stackhouse Series

The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories / Short Stories

Harvey, Kristy Woodson

The Peachtree Bluff Series

Slightly South Of Simple / Book 1

Stand Alone Books

Dear Carolina
Lies And Other Acts Of Love

Hatvany, Amy

It Happens All The Time

Hein, Jon

Fast Food Maniac

Hemphill, Kim

I Remember The Time

Henthorn, Lisa

25 Sense

Holewinski, Britt


Holland, Jamie

The Lies We Tell

Holm, Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm

BabyMouse : Tales From The Locker Series

Lights, Camera, Middle School!

Holmes, Steena

Abby Series

Saving Abby / Book 1
Abby's Journey /  Book 2

Decadent Events Series

Sweet Memories / Book 1

Stand Alone Books

The Word Game

Horowitz, Lauren Bird

The Light Trilogy

Shattered Blue / Book 1
Renegade Red / Book 2

Huff, Tessa


Hummer, Jennifer Gooch

The Fair City Files Series

Operation Tenley / Book 1

Hurwitz, Johanna

Double Or Nothing With The Two And Only Kelly Twins

Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Ask Him Why
Say Goodbye For Now

Isassi, Garine B.

Start With The Backbeat

Jarrell, Andrea

I'm The One Who Got Away

Johnstone, Nadine Kenney

Of This Much I'm Sure

Jones, KayeC & Russ Hughes

Brody And The Lonely Kraken
Kitty Conquers The Big Bully
Mason The Mutt
The Day When The Aunts Disappeared
The Wandering Troll

Josselsohn, Barbara Solomon

The Last Dreamer

Juba, Stacy

Storybook Valley Series

Fooling Around With Cinderella / Book 1

Kacer, Kathy

Shanghai Escape

Karlik, Mary

Hickville High Series

Welcome To Hickville High / Book 1

Karlin, Lisa

Below The Water Line

Kendrick, Beth

Black Dog Bay Series

Put A Ring On It / Book 3

Kirkman, Robert

The Walking Dead Comics

Days Gone Bye / Vol. 1
Miles Behind Us / Vol. 2
Safety Behind Bars / Vol. 3
The Heart's Desire / Vol. 4
The Best Defense / Vol. 5
This Sorrowful Life / Vol. 6
The Calm Before / Vol. 7
Made To Suffer / Vol. 8
Here We Remain / Vol. 9
What We Become / Vol. 10
Fear The Hunters / Vol. 11
Life Among Them / Vol. 12
Too Far Gone / Vol. 13
No Way Out / Vol. 14
We Find Ourselves / Vol. 15
A Larger World / Vol. 16
Something To Fear / Vol. 17
What Comes After / Vol. 18
March To War / Vol. 19
All Out War - Part One / Vol. 20
All Out War - Part Two / Vol. 21
A New Beginning / Vol. 22
Whispers Into Screams / Vol. 23
Life And Death / Vol. 24
No Turning Back / Vol. 25
Call To Arms / Vol. 26
The Whisperer War / Vol. 27

The Governor Series with Jay Bonansinga

Rise Of The Governor / Book 1
Just Another Day At The Office / Book 1.5

Klaassen, Mike

Klaassen's Classic Folktales Series

Hansel & Gretel / Book 1
The Frog Prince / Book 2

Kling, Heidi

Not Okay, Cupid

Kring, Sandra

Running For Water And Sky

Kryszczak, Kristy

Unexpected Love

Kubica, Mary

Don't You Cry
Every Last Lie

LaBan, Elizabeth

The Restaurant Critic's Wife

Laufer, J. E.


Lax, Leah


Lenhardt, Melissa

Laura Elliston Series

Sawbones / Book 1
Blood Oath / Book 2
Badlands / Book 3

Lesage, Vicki

Petite Confessions

Lile, Marianne


Linsmeier, Amanda

Deja You
Ditch Flowers

Long, Julie


Lonsdale, Kerry

Everything Series

Everything We Keep / Book 1
Everything We Left Behind / Book 2

Love At The Chocolate Shop Series

The Chocolate Comeback by Roxanne Snopek / Book 7
Captured By Chocolate by Steena Holmes / Book 11
Sweet Dreams, Baby by C.J. Carmichael / Book 12

Lowell, Catherine

The Madwoman Upstairs

McDonald, Megan

Judy Moody Series

Judy Moody And The Bucket List / Book 13

McDowell, Marta

The World Of Laura Ingalls Wilder

McGee, Kayti

That Thing You Do

McKnight-Chavers, Ginger

In The Heart Of Texas

McLachlan, Jamie

Deja You

McLaughlin, Emma & Nicola Kraus

So Close

Mabee, Marcia

Naked Mountain

Macomber, Debbie

New Beginnings Series

A Girl's Guide To Moving On / Book 2

Makos, Adam


Malladi, Amulya

A House For Happy Mothers

Mallery, Susan

Fool's Gold Series

Best Of My Love / Book 20

Stand Alone Books

Daughters Of The Bride

Marro, Elizabeth


Martin, Janell

Where The Dogs Go

Mayo, Connie Hertzberg

The Island Of Worthy Boys

Meier, Nicole

The House Of Bradbury

Mera, Sunny

All In Her Head

Meredith, Lizbeth

Pieces Of Me

Meserve, Dete

Kate Bradley Series

Good Sam / Book 1
Perfectly Good Crime / Book 2

Michael, Cindi

The Sportscaster's Daughter

Middleton, Jacquelyn

London Belongs To Me

Mihulka, Krystyna with Krystyna Poray Goddu


Miles, Olivia

Misty Point Series

The Winter Wedding Plan / Book 2

Miller, Jennifer

The Heart You Carry Home

Miller, Kelsey

Big Girl

Miller, Sarah

Caroline : Little House, Revisited

Mills, Travis

Tough As They Come

Miranda, Megan

All The Missing Girls

Moe, John

The Deleted E-Mails Of Hillary Clinton

Monahan, Jennifer B.

This Trip Will Change Your Life

Monroe, Mary Alice

Beach House Series

Beach House For Rent / Book 4

Lowcountry Summer Series

A Lowcountry Christmas / Book 5

Moore, Meg Mitchell

The Admissions

Moretti, Kate

While You Were

Nellist, Glenys

'Twas The Evening Of Christmas

Nelson, Jerry

Dear County Agent Guy

Nikola-Lisa, W.

Shark Man

Novak, Cathryn

Size Matters

Oliver, Lauren

Replica Series

Replica / Book 1

Oppenlander, Annette

Escape From The Past Series

The Duke's Wrath / Book 1
The Kid / Book 2
At Witches' End / Book 3

Pagan, Camille

Life And Other Near-Death Experiences

Palmieri, Suzanne

The Witch House Of Persimmon Point

Paris, B.A.

Behind Closed Doors
The Breakdown

Parla, Katie & Kristina Gill

Tasting Rome

Patience, Sylvia

Toto's Tale And True Chronicle Of Oz 

Patterson, James

Stand Alone Books

The Black Book

Pearl, Melissa

Songbird Series

True Love / Book 5
Troublemaker / Book 6
Rough Water / Book 7
Geronimo / Book 8
Hole Hearted / Book 9
Rather Be / Book 10

Space Between Heartbeats Series

The Space Between Heartbeats / Book 2

Penguin Random House

Excerpt Sampler : Spring 2016
Spring 2016 Debut Fiction Sampler
Spring 2017 Debut Fiction Sampler

Perez, Chris

To Selena, With Love

Perri, Camille

The Assistants

Pla, Sally J.

The Someday Birds

Plemons, J.E.

Last Light Falling Series

The Covenant / Book 1
Into The Darkness / Book 2
The Ten / Book 3

Poeppel, Amy

Small Admissions

Poptropica Series

Mystery Of The Map by Jack Chabert / Book 1
The Lost Expedition by Mitch Krpata / Book 2

Potter, Ellen

Piper Green And The Fairy Tree Series

The Sea Pony / Book 3

Radish, Kris

The Year Of Necessary Lies

Rae, Kimberly

India's Street Kids Series

Capturing Jasmina / Book 1
Buying Samir / Book 2
Seeking Mother / Book 3

Rankin, Cindy

Under The Ashes

Redfearn, Suzanne

No Ordinary Life

Reid, Taylor Jenkins

One True Loves

Reilly, Meg Little

We Are Unprepared

Rickstad, Eric

The Silent Girls Series

The Names Of Dead Girls / Book 2

Rio, Tania del

Warren The 13th Series

The All-Seeing Eye / Book 1

Rivers, Melissa

The Book Of Joan

Robertson, Chris

Little Miss Liberty

Robertson, Si


Robertson, Willie

American Hunter

Rock, Joanne

Road To Romance Series

Second Chance Cowboy / Book 2

Roman, Carole P.

Captain No Beard Series

Being A Captain Is Hard Work / Book 10

If You Were Me And Lived In...Civilizations Throughout Time

Ancient China
Ancient Greece
Colonial America
Elizabethan England
Middle Ages
Renaissance Italy
The American West
The Ancient Mali Empire
The Mayan Empire
Viking Europe

If You Were Me And Lived In...Countries


Oh Susanna Series

It's In The Bag / Book 1
Things That Go Bump / Book 2

Stand Alone Books

Can A Princess Be A Firefighter?
Oh Susanna Color With Me

Rouda, Kaira

Best Day Ever
The Goodbye Year

Rowley, Aidan Donnelley

The Ramblers

Roy, Carter

The Blood Guard Series

The Blood Guard / Book 1
The Glass Gauntlet / Book 2

Royer, Ashley

Remember To Forget

Ryan, Kennedy

Grip Series

Flow / Book 1
Grip / Book 2
Still / Book 3

Soul Series

My Soul To Keep / Book 1
Down To My Soul / Book 2
Refrain / Book 3

Scarrow, Alex

ReMade Series

Plague Land / Book 1

Schild, Susan

Willow Hill Series

Sweet Southern Hearts / Book 3

Schneider, Deborah

The Mexican Slow Cooker
Salsas And Moles

Schrager, Lee Brian & Adeena Sussman

America's Best Breakfasts

Schwarz, Bianca M.

Deja You

Seidemann, Erin

Postcards From The Sky

Sherman, Ellen

Just The Facts

Shirk, Jennifer

Anyone But You Series

Wedding Date For Hire / Book 2

Siebel, Kathryn

The Trouble With Twins

Silver, Dina

Whisper If You Need Me

Sissel, Barbara Taylor

Crooked Little Lies
The Truth We Bury

Skinner, Cara

General Houston's Little Spy

Slayton, Shonna

Cinderella's Dress Series

Cinderella's Shoes / Book 2

Slaughter, Karin

Will Trent Series

The Kept Woman / Book 8

Stand Alone Books

Pretty Girls

Smith, HD

The Good Bad Guys Series

Keegan's Point / Book 1

Solheim, Tracy

Out Of Bounds Series

Sleeping With The Enemy / Book 4

Second Chances Series

All They Ever Wanted / Book 2

Sparks, Nicholas

Nights In Rodanthe

St. Martin's Press

First Sampler Spring / Summer 2016
First Sampler Spring / Summer 2017

Stefani, Brady G.

The Alienation Of Courtney Hoffman

Stevens, Jessica

Within Reach

Stine, R.L.

Fear Street Relaunch Series

Don't Stay Up Late / Book 2
The Lost Girl / Book 3
Can You Keep A Secret / Book 4
Give Me A K-I-L-L / Book 6

Stupak, Alex & Jordana Rothman

Tacos : Recipes And Provocations

Swank, Denise Grover

One Paris Summer

Sylvester, Maxine

Ronaldo Series

The Flying Reindeer Academy / Book 1
The Phantom Carrot Snatcher / Book 2

Tarquini, Mindy


Taylor, Ann Kidd

The Shark Club

Taylor, Sara

The Lauras

Tebow, Tim & A.J. Gregory


Teigen, Chrissy


Thomas, Jodi

Ransom Canyon Series

Ransom Canyon / Book 1

Timmer, Julie Lawson

Mrs. Saint And The Defectives

Toliver, Wendy

Once Upon A Time Series

Red's Untold Tale / Book 1

Tower, Roni Beth

Miracle At Midlife

Trentham, Laura

Cottonbloom Series

Leave The Night On / Book 4

Verdi, Jessica

What You Left Behind

Walker, Wendy

All Is Not Forgotten
Emma In The Night

Warner, Gertrude Chandler

The Boxcar Children : Great Adventure Series

Journey On A Runaway Train / Book 1
The Clue In The Papyrus Scroll / Book 2

Watt, Jeannie

Marvells Of Montana Series

The Cowboy Rides Away / Book 3

Weiss, Leah

If The Creek Don't Rise

Weiss, Luisa

Class German Baking

Williams, Andria

The Longest Night

Willis, Katrina Anne

Parting Gifts

Wilson, Anne A.

Clear To Lift

Winn, Don M.

Sir Kaye : The Boy Knight Series

The Knighting Of Sir Kaye / Book 1
The Lost Castle Treasure / Book 2
Legend Of The Forest Beast / Book 3
The Eldridge Conspiracy / Book 4

Wright, J.A.

How To Grow An Addict

Yao, Sara Harvey

Drop In

Zadunajsky, Donna M.

Help Me Series

Help Me / Book 1
Talk To Me / Book 2

Zelevansky, Nora

Will You Won't You Want Me

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